Set challenging goals and dominate your market!
Build your teams

with the best people
anywhere in the world

Boost your productivity
Reduce your costs

Get more done

on schedule, on budget

Motivate your staff
Follow your team efforts

Become the leader

in your industry!

Optimize your workflow
Improve your results... every day!

One-click, hands off automated workflow

Your team member clicks on Start task to begin, and then on End task to finish
And that’s it, one click... all the magic happens under the hood!


& Tracking

  • The time and activity are automatically tracked for every task, either in the Desktop app, Web app or Mobile app.
  • Choose what to track on a per user basis:
    Attendance, screenshots/screencast, webcam shots/video, mouse movements, keystrokes, web usage, app usage, poor time usage, low activity and location.

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  • The progress of every task is automatically managed and calculated towards expectations, and displayed using multiple graphic views.
  • Easily follow the progress of all your projects and resources, including dependencies, critical paths, milestones, time and budget.

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  • The progress and results are automatically shown on graphic reports and metrics, by team member, positions and departments.
  • Use this data to make better-informed decisions, identify improvement opportunities, better train your staff, promote employees and reward your team.

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Do you miss deadlines?
Do you depend too much on middle management?
Do you think other companies are more productive than yours?
Do they hire better and more cost efective staff?
Do you think this could compromise your success and your ability to be the leading force in your industry?
Do you think you could be more competitive if your team was more productive and cost effective?
Join many others who have already revolutionized their workflow with



Modules & Features


Time & Task

Recover and optimize your team’s time and resources.


Projects & Tasks

Organize everything and get it done!


Metrics & Performance

Follow tasks progress and boost your team’s performance.


Gantt Project

Build your projects in an intuitive graphical interface.


Processes and
Version Control

Promote staff ownership and accountability.


Content Creation

Centralize your collaborative content production and files.



Either based on an hourly basis (time on tasks) or a fixed salary



Manage your sales, income, expenses, invoices and payroll


Improve your team’s collaboration in a virtual office environment


Quickly set up and review on graphical interfaces


Granular Permissions
and ACL

Safe and secure environment for everything, based on your hierarchy.


File Manager
& Cloud Storage

Centralize your files with ACL based on your hierarchy


Manage all your staff and freelancers in the same place!

Training and

From recruiting to continued training based on improvement opportunities

and Leave

Easy and time saver, with ACL for HR, supervisors, and staff

Bug Reports &
Feature requests

Track and fix bugs faster. Improve your products and services

& Mailbox

Improve your team’s and clients communication.

Stock &

Current status and history, synced with the accounting module

& Leads

Make them part of your organization! CRM with ACL to specific modules

Organization social

Promote collaboration, interaction and engagement

And many

Dashboard, calendar, transactions, announcemente, knowledge base...

I’m ready to boost the productivity of my team!

About all tha amazing features - that will make your life worth living!

Monthly Yearly




per user / month

Billed yearly

Best for production companies, including content publishers, software developers, multimedia companies and related industries.

Set your organization hierarchy and start adding your projects and tasks.

Teamnio automates your project management, time tracking, reports, payroll and performance reviews.




per user / month

Billed yearly

Best for companies that deal with customers, including tech support companies and call centers).

Specifically developped and built to be integrated with Wespher Support System (WSS) and Chat.

Set your organization hierarchy.

  • Support agents in WSS are automatically synced to Teamnio
  • Departments in WSS are automatically synced to Teamnio
  • Every ticket in WSS creates a subtask in Teamnio, with all their data (status, time, etc)

Teamnio automates your team’s performance reviews, time tracking, reports and payroll.

Frequently asked questions

Teamnio comes in 4 editions:

  • Freelancer: single user accounts with limited features
  • Production: includes all Teamnio features
  • Support: includes all Teamnio features and a standard Wespher account
  • Academic:
    • Student accounts with trackers, learning projects and project management
    • Staff accounts, with all Teamnio features and the option to add the Support edition features

  • Free forever: FREE
  • Freelancer: $19.95 per year, donated to charity
  • Freelancer PRO: $39.95 per year, donated to charity
  • Production Edition: $9.95 per user per month, billed annually
  • Support Edition: from $19.95per user per month, billed annually
  • Academic Edition:
    • Student: from $4.95 per student per month, billed annually
    • Staff: Production Edition is $9.95 and Support Edition $19.95 per user per month, billed annually

  • For students, freelancers and staff, it’s fairly easy: install the desktop app and start/stop tracker. If you install the Moodle plugins, it’s actually hands-off for students.
  • For the managing staff with backend access:
    Since Teamnio is completely modular by design, every staff member will only have access to limited modules, thus reducing their learning curve.
  • For Teamnio administrators:
    You will first learn how to set up the system to reflect your organization hierarchy. Although Teamnio is a massive project management system, its modular design takes you feature by feature, as you set up the modules one by one the way you need them. You can use only a few modules at first, and build your Teamnio as your company’s management companion step by step.
  • We have compiled a set of Best Practice templates that you can use as a reference for inspiration, and quickly see what Teamnio can do for you!

Teamnio is completely modular by design, and highly customizable. You can set it up the way you need, to be your management engine and companion.


Yes, no problem. Teamnio will store the tracking data in the user’s local machine and synchronize when the connection to the internet is restored.

Yes: Teamnio will store the tracking data in the user’s local machine and in our secure server. We back up this data in an offsite facility, so the data is always safe.
… and no: if the user has been tracking offline for several hours (or days!) and he has not synced the data with the server, the tracking data only exists in his computer. If something happens on his end, the un-synced data would be lost. We recommend syncing the data to the server constantly, or at least often.

Yes, of course. You can set the trackers on a user by user basis. To take advantage of the Teamnio fully automated project management experience, the only requirement is that every user tracks time on every task. That doesn’t mean you need to turn on all time tracking features.

For example, you can turn off screenshots and webcam shots for managers, turn on screenshots every 10 minutes for onsite employees and turn both on every 3 minutes for remote freelancers hired in other countries. You can also turn on attendance for 8 to 5 employees and turn it off for freelancers.

As long as everyone tracks their time on every task, you could turn all the settings off and trust that everyone is working at their best!

That is completely up to your company’s terms and contracts. You can have different politics, based on your hierarchy and hiring conditions: freelancers, employees, managers, and so on.

To take advantage of the Teamnio fully automated project management experience, the only requirement is that every user tracks their time on every task. You can set what you track on a user by user basis. If you turn off all tracking activities for a user, he can still track his time per task; and you can use all Teamnio’s project management features, without the tracking activity (screenshots, webcam shots and so on).

Absolutely not.

  • While the tracker in on break, it counts the time on break
  • While on pause, it doesn’t track anything
  • While stopped, it doesn’t track anything.

Think of the screenshot activity tracker as a TeamViewer: it only tracks the screen while on.
Think of the webcam shot activity tracker as a video call software: it only takes shots while on.

Sure, and it’s highly recommended!

With your Business and Freelancer PRO accounts, you can add as many client accounts as you want for free. Make them part of your team and build trust for the long run!

Based on the permissions you grant them, they could for example review:

  • Their project progress, on the Gantt chart or other views
  • Their project reports and metrics
  • Expenses, including supplies and billable hours
  • Time spent on their projects, either by task and/or by resource And so on!

The state-of-the-art Time and Activity tracker is only one of the 20+ modules available in Teamnio, out of the box!

Sure, with Teamnio you have the best time tracking software available on the market.

You also have a fully featured Project Management System with a graphic Gantt Project Builder, processes and version control; an automated Content Creation Framework; a complete HR system with automated payroll and accounting; integrated virtual collaborative workrooms; and a CRM, and a local social network, and a bugs reports and features requests system, and so much more.

Teamnio is your automator. It’s your time optimizer, your productivity booster, your cost reducer! It’s your top middle manager, the highly efficient assistant for all your staff.

It has all the answers about the progress of all your projects; it knows who your best performers are, and who needs some help.

Teamnio is a fully automated artificial manager that does what you tell it to do.

Teamnio is you when you’re not there, because you can’t be everywhere all the time!


Of course! With Teamnio, you can hire the best people in the world, build highly efficient teams and boost your productivity while significantly reducing your costs.


Of course! With Teamnio, you can hire the best professionals in the world, and make sure


Of course! With Teamnio, you can hire the best professionals in the world, and make sure

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